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Audited Against LWG Standards APE101


Aaron Pacific Ltd (APL ) was incorporated in 2007, at Hong Kong.
APL Head office is at Hong Kong and has Offices at China( Dongguan ), India ( Chennai ) and Bangladesh ( Dhaka )
Own Tannery at Bangladesh ( SAF at Jessore) and India ( AP Exports at Ranipet )
Over 600 Employee working under the group at various locations
Strong Financial backup with steady growth over the years
Production Capacity of Over 3.5 Mill sqft per month. Goat 1 Mill, Sheep 1 Mill and Cow over 1.5 Mill sqft

Aaron Leathers for Changing Fashions

Our Goat Leather
  • Capacity 1 million sqft
  • Major strength in fashion goat articles for ladies footwear, eg. waxy, crunch, shiny, oily & nappa
  • Solid core articles, Kid Suede, Kid Lining, Nappa Kid
Our Sheep Leather
  • Capacity 1 million sqft
  • Ranging from comfort to dress, glove-soft to lining quality.
  • Sheep leather has a fine grain making it ideal for all womens ranges
  • We are one of the top 5 suppliers of sheep leather in India
Our Cow Leather
  • Capacity 1.5 million sqft
  • From high end cow-calf, soft luxurious nappa, baby calf, and calf for boots and shoes.
  • Fashion articles with waxy, tumbled and burnishable finishes.
  • Basic cow articles on suede, crust and floater bases.
  • AP/SAF Bangladesh supplies high end local calf to luxury brands
Aaron Spring Summer and Autum Winter Collection for Goat / Sheep and Cow

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TANNERY – SAF (Bangladesh)

  • SAF Tannery belongs to the same group and is located 30 minutes flights from Dhaka, in Jessore. SAF was formed in 1975 and so has a long history of producing high quality leathers on local raw materials.
  • ISO9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Tannery.
  • Plans for building our own effluent treatment plant in order to secure industry recognition for environmental practices. Our own effluent treatment plant from Ital Progetti, Italy has already been installed in tannery, offering advantages over other smaller tanneries of Bangladesh.
  • Capacity is 1.5 million ft per month.
  • Dedicated local raw material sourcing with experience over the last for past 30 yrs. Given our reputation in the market, we have access to the best quality of raw material in Bangladesh. This allows us to pass these advantages to our clients.
  • Our process goes from raw hide to finished, allowing us to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Sample capacity = 500 per month.
  • Imported machinery from Italy.
  • Cold storage for wet-blue.
  • 3 million sqft raw and wet blue stocks, means we can react to our customers needs, with maximum flexibility.
  • Collaboration with Italian technicians for new seasonal development.





  • AP Exports is the name of the company registered in India, whilst Aaron Pacific is the name of the company office registered in Hong Kong
  • AP Exports started operating in India in 2007. Specialising in Goat, sheep and cow based leather articles from wet blue to finished leather.
  • LWG Certified Tannery
  • AP Exports has it’s own raw material & wet blue operations in Kolkata, allowing us control and flexibility from the earliest opportunity, tailoring quality to our customer’s needs.
  • AP Export’s tannery in located in Ranipet, with a service office in Chennai.
  • Sample production capacity 300 lots per month
  • Current capacity 1.5 million sqft per month, with new larger facility preparing for operation in 2019. This will increase our capacity to 3 million sqft per month.


Our leather articles are all free from hazardous chemicals and meet global standards, according to global legislation.

Aaron Pacific manufactures goat, sheep and cow leathers, producing both core and seasonal fashion articles. Our signature products are Kid Suede, Nappa Kid, Linings (all raw bases), Milled Cow Nappa, Goat Nubuck & Sheep Nappa. We also produce seasonal fashion ranges on our goatskins, enhancing the leather grain and softness with waxes and burnish finishes.

We are proud that our customers report that our Kid Suede is one of the top articles for depth, brightness and accuracy of colour matching. This is achieved by ensuring that our technical process is sound and reliable. We are also developing new waterproof ranges on our goat, sheep and cow bases, meeting technical standards required by US and Canadian brands.

India Tannery - Venus International

Aaron Customer Base

  • Aaron Pacific works directly with customers from the USA and Europe and is the nominated vendor for many well-known and household named brands globally. We supply leather throughout SE Asia, shipping regular volume to China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

    We work closely with our clients, whether that is directly with the brand, trading companies or shoe factories. All parties are treated with respect and fairness, by highly qualified technical leather people with many years experience. We have a smaller management structure, which allows decisions to be made quickly and to keep everything moving smoothly.